Just a heads up, if you’re in a relationship and you don’t like/love your partner no more. Just tell them instead of lying bout it, that shit hurts when they find out by discovering it on their own. OK BACK TO SETTING UP MY 2 MONTH Q


When I see a picture saying ” don’t call girls fat, it’s not nice blah blah”. Shit irks me because its not just girls who hate being called fat. Seeing one sided stuff when it should be equal to both genders annoy me. I hate being called fat and I know other guys do too. I even saw it one day this guy called a girl ” big boned” and she flipped total shit. He wasn’t trying to be mean, he didn’t know what way to put it. Then later she casually called him fat and telling him he eats to much. !?!? I asked my ex ” is it your weight that’s bugging you?” And she got mad and cried. I know it isn’t ” gentleman like” to do that but it was a serious question. I can’t even speak normally sometimes because of ” trigger warnings” zzz know the difference of trigger warnings and not liking something please

I was supposed to have a Skype call like hangout/chit chat time with my friend that moved to Hawaii tonight which is why I’m so pissed off tonight that Comcast is bugging out ” node outage and we plan on fixing it by 8” Comcast please stop tazing me already. And it’s keeping me awake because I’m so annoyed and I DIED 6 TIMES IN WOW BECAUSE COMCAST IS BAD AND I JUST HIT 15 AND WANTED TO CLEAR A DUNGEON. ARGHHHHHHHH okay I’ll stop. A queue will be set up tomorrow hopefully, while I’m busy for the week see ya later alligators.

I forgot my binder filled with my notes and stuff to study while walking to the library. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how pissed I am I’m pretty aggravated right now. Well not really I’m just too lazy to walk back home and get it even though its a 15-20 minute walk still fml